Description: Uplifting acoustic melody, Irish somewhat, excellent introduction

Description: Uplifting, motivating track with solid groove and full band arrangement.

Description: Tradtional seaside tune, usually associated with English Victorian seaside town, like Blackpool. This version played on the mighty Wurlitzer style theatre organ.

Description: Greek traditional accordion solo.

Description: Spanish Romantic guitars that will leave you breathless

Description: Exotic sounds, perfect for any moment of travel, intrigue or drama.

Description: Piano, acoustic guitars, bass and tambora-style percussion with real guira play upbeat twelve bar blues pattern inspired by music of the Dominican Republic.

Description: Simple, dramatic, featuring bagpipes, middle eastern percussion

Description: Instrumental theme featuring Congas, Bass Drum, Tom, Trumpets, Castanets, Acoustic Bass Guitar, Xylophone, French Horns, Calling Flute, Percussion, Cymbals

Description: I am going somewhere where harps and flutes play in my ears to the rhythm of a djembe.... Cajon, Celtic, African, Australian mixed in a giant pot of world goo.

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