Description: India ambient atmospheric fantasy film games mysterious new age drones world strange dreamy hallucination seeing future predict far away distant travel occupy trance snake turban belly dance.

Description: Busy, rhythmic, haunting and moody Indian piece. Very insistent, always on the move, emotional, folk trying to make a living. Main mix features female vocal phrases, echoed by a type of wind instrument. Tampura drone supports tabla rhythms & sitar twang. Great for travelogue & documentary.

Description: Jazzy Slumdog Millionaire chill-out theme featuring minimalist Piano, Tabla, Trumpet,

Description: Youre loking at modern day Bombay its hirize buildings hundreds of cars and neon signs but the culture and deep history of the land is still visible just below the surface --

Description: strong, determined, adventurous, passionate, guitar, bass, ethnic, tablas, sitar

Description: India/ patriotic style track with full orchestral arrangement. Dignity, honor, freedom, values, and a slightly military style arrangement. There is also an alternative versions,tv

Description: Proud and majestic sitar & tabla easy circular rhythm, a gentle start to a busy Indian day as the sun rises over the cities and land. Very atmospheric, builds slightly throughout. Features Sitar, Tablas, Finger Cymbals and Sitar drones. Great for travelogue, documentary & history. Various mixes

Description: (India) Exotic flavor, mysterious, classic sitar, table rythms

Description: A marriage of eastern/india instruments like sitar, flutes and tabla mixed up with modern hiphop beats. Originally used as background of photo portfolio. Also suitable for media presentations and video spots.

Description: Joyful upbeat asian world percussion bollywood cheerful and groovy indian track. Asian/indian. Happy energetic moving/driving dancing uplifting groovy pulsing. Ethnic/world instruments drum grooves world percussion sitar. Travel.

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