Description: I am convinced my pal was having an acid flashback when he wrote these lyrics to my World Music track. But hey, why should he have all the fun?

Description: A happy, upbeat African influenced instrumental track, great of vacation, exotic locations, or kids themes.

Description: An infectious and funky Caribbean dance track perfect for party, vacation or exotic locales. The Jelly Leg is an expression used in baseball when a batter's knees buckle on a deceptive pitch. That what happened to my pal when he met the gal this song is about.

Description: A catchy Reggae track about a guy just trying to get by, great vocals and hooks!

Description: A happy Afrobeat style track featuring Soukous style guitars, percussive underpinning and an upbeat groove. It couldn't get any happier unless I added banjo, and I just refuse to do that! A solid tag ending at just over a minute. Full version also available

Description: A haunting melodic World music 6/8 track with poignant and soulful vocals.

Description: A very catch African influenced dance track with great vocals, perfect for an exotic locale, travel, nature or party scene.

Description: A catchy African influenced instrumental with a bright synchopated track and a nice guitar hook, perfect for a party scene or tropical locales!