Description: Primordial spirits are revived and swoop down quickly across ancient places. These Middle Eastern timbres mix with old and modern percussion to create a soulful sound. Use this music in productions that wish to evoke earlier days when people were more in.

Description: This piece captures the soul of African and Middle Eastern sounds with its heavy drumming and dreamy melody. Take away the drums and you have a mesmerizing ambient background sound. Or use the drums by themselves to convey lots of soul through rhythm.

Description: This eastern tune has a soulful, easy rhythm that takes one back to biblical times perhaps. Imagine celebration and dancing. The sound also evokes the simpler and perhaps spiritual things in life. Use it in presentations that require an eastern sound.

Description: This sound is influenced by the Caribbean and can be used in any presentation that is intended to unwind listeners and make them forget their troubles. This piece can be used in any presentation that addresses vacations, hideaways and relaxation.

Description: The hypnotic rhythm in this tune transports one to ancient times in the Middle East perhaps, to the land of gods and prophets. The music captures that which is primordial and profound in the soul of the human being. Use this tune in productions that requi.

Description: This energetic tune has traditional elements from the Middle East and combines a great drumbeat. Use this SoundSet in presentations that need an international flavor or to take your viewers or listeners to faraway lands and exotic places. The twangy sitar.

Description: You'll find an eclectic mix of jazzy and Latin sounds in this SoundSet. The listener is hit with the rich, full sound of the horns atop a sensual beat. The piano meanders in with a mind and rhythm of its own and melts gently into the beat. Use this sound.

Description: Imagine a carefree tune befitting a Caribbean island… This music can be arranged in various ways to elicit a corporate feel or an international mood. Strip away the beat and the horns to produce an ambient, calm sound to use in most corporate productions.

Description: A tranquil and meditative tune in a jungle of noise… The music embodies elements from various genres and from both organic and synthetic material to form this tasteful, world sound. Use it in productions that require a grounding in tranquility and a sense.

Description: This piece is influenced by Indian and Arabic music and brings images of adventure films where the plot takes place in a far-away land. Presentations that involve adventure, mystery, risk-taking, heroism, and foreign lands would work well with this piece.

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