Description: A french Musette waltz with a wistful yet uplifting melody that relaxes and invigorates featuring accordion, clarinet, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and flute.

Description: A French musette waltz that takes an emotional journey with accordion, ukulele, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: a fast gypsy jazz swing tune with piano, electric piano, bass, vibes, guitar and drums.

Description: a very ethnic sounding fast dance waltz with clarinet, guitar, accordion, tuba and piano.

Description: A very purposeful, direct, slightly haunting and fun French Musette with accordion, piano, bass, guitar and marimba.

Description: A slightly rueful yet inspiring smooth French musette waltz with piano, acoustic guitar, bowed bass, accordion and clarinet.

Description: A haunting and whimsical French musette waltz with a jazz slant featuring piano, bass, guitar, accordion and vibes.

Description: A gypsy jazz swing tune full of whimsy and mirth featuring piano, guitar, bass and accordion.

Description: a frech waltz filled with angst and passion featuring accordion, piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and clarinet.

Description: a fastpaced gypsy swing jazz tune with piano, bass, guitar, drums, accordion and mandolin.

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