Description: summer fun, marimbas, percussion, flute, reggae keys, light-hearted.

Description: up-tempo Latin, world, Cuban, cha cha piano, monster electric guitar, horns, strings, acoustic bass, bongos, timbales, lots of percussion

Description: Acoustic Drums, Asian percussion kit, Asian Gushing Zither, Chinese Di Zi flute, Chinese Xiao flute, synth patches, electric bass, light string section

Description: Island groove, steel drums, acoustic piano, accordion, percussion, drums, congas, bass, mandolin

Description: Energetic Ska beat, electric guitars, bass, lively acoustic drums, piano, organ solo

Description: Dramatic Moroccan, Middle Eastern instruments with electronic sounds, violin percussion, world beat

Description: Moroccan instruments with electronic sounds, Middle Eastern vocals, violin, percussion

Description: Happy, uptempo ukelele, percussion, acoustic bass, world

Description: Traditional Italian groove, real mandolin over a Hip Hop beat, accordion.

Description: Energetic, World beat, percussion, bass, brass.

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