Description: mandolin and middle eastern percussion drive this mid-tempo cue.

Description: Jews harps rhythmic playing with gradual fade out w/ church reverb.

Description: A slow yet mysterious tune, the sense of lost or the discovery of a new Jungle.

Description: Ukulele, African Percussion, Harp, Flute, Nice Relaxing Atmosphere, Take A beer And......

Description: A two-beat jazz tune with a bit of bluegrass and celtic stylings featuring banjo, acoustic bass, ukulele, acoustic guitar and tin whistle.

Description: Early era busta rhymes style track. Jungle theme, Slightly Haunting.

Description: High speed safari across dusty African planes. Ethnic percussion based track with balafons and Zulu chants. Various cut downs and mixes available

Description: Short Gypsy themewith violin,accordeon,guitar and cimbalon

Description: Ancient India, vast historic scene. Features large gong, tablas, sitar. 60 and 30 sec plus a 30 sec underscore

Description: Indigenous drums of war that haunt, hypnotize, and strike fear into any opposing warrior.

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