Description: Asian festival style music with bells, percussion instruments and other traditional ethnic instruments

Description: Atmospheric Ethnic Electro Downtempo Intro

Description: quirky soundtrack for an electronic witch doctor; a bizarre combination of airy tribal percussion, hard synths and haunting bells

Description: Music from the play " Le radeau des masques"

Description: A very energetic and bouncy Celtic type tune with piano, acoustic guitar, marimba, mandolin and acoustic bass .

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. This is a rhythmic music with Asian/Indian Strings, percussion, electronic, acoustic guitars, sitar, other oriental folk instruments. It feels Holiday Energetic, it’s dancing, festive, brave, happy, noisy.

Description: Bringing together friends and family at the summer cottage. Good times and memories. Gypsy family dance Fun and festive Medieval celebration. Folk dance with lots of cheerful energy. Fast and exciting , this track is great for comedy cartoon chase, oldies , fun, folk , wagon ..

Description: Oriental song that sets us in a Middle East town as we listen to the mystical harmonies of the sitar with percussive sounds of tablas and timpanis. - each version is different - extended and 60 second versions available