Description: Relaxing background SPA music with native Australian sounds

Description: Cool irish melody in hard rock style, describes heroic and drunk mood. Live instruments: guitars, bass, drums. Best for all, enjoy!

Description: A very energetic and bouncy Celtic type tune with piano, acoustic guitar, marimba, mandolin and acoustic bass .

Description: Asian 3 has a Soothing pan flute as its feature that's great for yoga, karate , or a film.

Description: This new-age track can compliment any multimedia project that is related to the Middle East. It has a feel of romance, dream, positiveness.

Description: Very happy and relaxed track driven by mallets, acoustic guitars and percussion with an African vibe.

Description: Quirky rhythm with drifting serene feel.

Description: A whimsical tropical tune with ukulele and xylophone

Description: Perfect for motivation and corporate projects,romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, documentary, commercials, presentations,ethnic areas Film and TV, as well as other new media applications.

Description: This is a dramatic cinematic underscore that has an eastern feel and a sense of urgency as if being chased through a desert in Egypt. It has a menacing orchestral build and dark undertone that climaxes into a spacious peak. Great for films / movies and other productions needing an ethnic feel.