Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. This composition is in arabian ethnic style with hip-hop hints. Guitar-like sounds of ethnic instruments, bongas, loud claps, loud bass drum. This track carries us to arabian world, where we see its culture, ancient traditions. Vast deserts, hot sun, people in white clothes, , beautiful mosques.

Description: Great melody, beautiful, melodic, instrumental. Suitable for use as background music in the video, screensaver or game. The basic style - instrumental. Divide into sections of funk, pop, blues, R & B, Classic, relaxation, fitness, jazz, aerobics, rock, ethno

Description: A light-hearted jaunty piece that picks up to a crescendo of rhythmic drumming.

Description: Crying Yaroslavna-ancient Slavic epic blogged about ancient Russian culture, war and the suffering of the Russian population. Yaroslavna is one of the main characters' stories about the squad's Igoreve "crying and refers to the three poems for help to find her husband Igor disappeared without a trace on the battlefield with the Tatar Mongols.... acoustic guitar, flute, Ukrainian folk instrument-Bandura, piano, dombra, bells and other instruments involved in the creation of his play

Description: Slide guitar and middle eastern chants with a southern back beat.

Description: Eastern vibe with a modern touch. Upbeat and groovy. Has a distinct sitar melody with dubstep and electro bass riff underlying the main groove.

Description: This new-age track can compliment any multimedia project that is related to the Middle East. It has a feel of romance, dream, positiveness.

Description: A whimsical tropical tune with ukulele and xylophone

Description: A mellow Arab tune with oud and Arabic percussion

Description: A quick paced French musette waltz filled with angst and passion with accordion, piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and clarinet. An improvised piano solo keeps the mood throughout.