Description: Incense and candles, relaxation and massage--an Eastern flavor.

Description: A film-inspired ethnic voyage that evokes feelings of empowerment, conclusion and serenity.

Description: An epic Latin / African infused instrumental journey great for building intensity.

Description: A rhythmically moving yet meditative instrumental featuring Asian ethnic instruments such as a Chinese Erhu Violin and a Japanese Shakuhachi Flute.

Description: A Middle eastern theme with a contemporary dance and world rhythm section. Pulsing and powerful, evoking the progressive, exciting and fast paced culture of the modern Middle East. Perfect for TV, Sports corporate video and proud, driving, inspirational and motivational programming. Instrumental, Middle-Eastern Music, Middle-Eastern Contemporary Dramatic

Description: Music from the soundtrack for "Quartier Mozart", vocal percussions

Description: Music from the play " Le radeau des masques"

Description: Loop Rythm and Tabla with FX, drone ..

Description: World music,guitar,percu,sound,fx,gong,strings, arpegio