Description: Un son africain, influence du Mali avec une masse de percussion.

Description: Asian surfing on a river, good for movie soundtrack nature.

Description: Spanish Touch.Acoustic guitar,sad, melancholic. A Minor.

Description: Woodoo trance percussion, sound Fx satured, voices loop, drums,sheaker,clave

Description: Music from the play " Le radeau des masques"

Description: A rhythmically moving yet meditative instrumental featuring Asian ethnic instruments such as a Chinese Erhu Violin and a Japanese Shakuhachi Flute.

Description: An epic Latin / African infused instrumental journey great for building intensity.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. This is a rhythmic music with Asian/Indian Strings, percussion, electronic, acoustic guitars, sitar, other oriental folk instruments. It feels Holiday Energetic, it’s dancing, festive, brave, happy, noisy.

Description: Busy, bustling, jangly, rhythmic opening to expansive Oriental theme. Contemporary feel with tradtional elements. Perfect for travelogue, documentary, historic, in fact anything Oriental. Main mix, 60, 30 and 10sec versions