Description: Relaxing background SPA music with native Australian sounds

Description: Mysterious east theme, imagine desert night, arabic ethnic, muslims ceremony, hard rock style, include drums, guitars and voice samples. The track may be suitable as for a slide show, video, computer game, or something else.

Description: An instrumentals coming from the villages in Africa. Fathers working in the village, kids helping their mothers doing what need to be done. Dramatic and sad instrumental for videos.

Description: A mysterious and rhythmic track featuring East-Asian instruments and percussion.

Description: quirky soundtrack for an electronic witch doctor; a bizarre combination of airy tribal percussion, hard synths and haunting bells

Description: A very energetic and bouncy Celtic type tune with piano, acoustic guitar, marimba, mandolin and acoustic bass .

Description: Science and technology, ethnic modern electronic background music. African mallets with modern synthesisers. This is good music for world innovation videos or documentaries.

Description: Ambient track with ethnic sound played harp, tampura and drums.

Description: Ambient track with ethnic sound played harp and tampura.