Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: ethnic pleasure relaxation bright colors new age inventive

Description: This is a dramatic cinematic underscore that has an eastern feel and a sense of urgency as if being chased through a desert in Egypt. It has a menacing orchestral build and dark undertone that climaxes into a spacious peak. Great for films / movies and other productions needing an ethnic feel.

Description: Instrumental cinematic track based on bongos and congas. Full lenght version.

Description: Cool irish melody in hard rock style, describes heroic and drunk mood. Live instruments: guitars, bass, drums. Best for all, enjoy!

Description: Mysterious east theme, imagine desert night, arabic ethnic, muslims ceremony, hard rock style, include drums, guitars and voice samples. The track may be suitable as for a slide show, video, computer game, or something else.

Description: Dark Eastern piece featuring sarangi over atmospheres, and duduk drones. Female vocal chant comes in and out in various places. Acoustic nylon guitar strums continuously to add mellow drive.

Description: Mellow Eastern feel with hand percussion, acoutic guitar, lute, and oud.

Description: An instrumentals coming from the villages in Africa. Fathers working in the village, kids helping their mothers doing what need to be done. Dramatic and sad instrumental for videos.

Description: Quirky rhythm with drifting serene feel.