Description: Early era busta rhymes style track. Jungle theme, Slightly Haunting.

Description: Wonderful Udu music with creative percussion and intricate effects. Great world music for documentaries, wide scope of world influences, high end production with real instruments. Several mixes available.

Description: Ethnic music with bells sounds and solo oriental flute

Description: Ambient Orient background, with percussion, sound fx, chimes, sitar..

Description: A Didgeridoo storytelling and other instruments responding to the tale, sometimes sitting out, and others joining in to the dance.

Description: The easy, light, positive, ethnic music cheering up. The track is written in program Reason, with use MIDI-Keyboard (live playing). Track created using as sampled sounds of "live" instruments, and sounds of program synthesizers.

Description: Ukulele, African Percussion, Harp, Flute, Nice Relaxing Atmosphere, Take A beer And......

Description: Viking War Drums loop going into battle

Description: Pro Hollywood massive war drums, full of drama , tension and atmospherics. Fast based action drums. High end production strongly recommended of scenes in high-paced action. Please check out all my other war drum tracks which are available.

Description: Wonderous, soaring, soundscape of the natural world. Features South American pan pipes, fluttering breath pipe effects and acoustic guitar. Main mix, plus 30 and 10 sec versions