Description: Named after the Hawaiian version of the leprechaun, this mysterious and endearing piece will leave you wandering through the rain forests

Description: Dance all day in an indian village or for you meditations and prayers. Do you just want to have fun with your friends? This ethnic instrumentals makes you want to dance all day... and maybe all night. Raga alike music.

Description: A big production exotic middle eastern asian ambient chill out fusion track featuring a wide range of world instruments from synth koto to sitar to santoor with indian and chinese percussion as well as violin, and cello. Nice background music for radio, tv, film, lounge, restaurant, shopping malls,, Instrumental, World Fusion, Pan-World Fusion

Description: The easy, light, positive, ethnic music cheering up. The track is written in program Reason, with use MIDI-Keyboard (live playing). Track created using as sampled sounds of "live" instruments, and sounds of program synthesizers.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. This composition is in arabian ethnic style with hip-hop hints. Guitar-like sounds of ethnic instruments, bongas, loud claps, loud bass drum. This track carries us to arabian world, where we see its culture, ancient traditions. Vast deserts, hot sun, people in white clothes, , beautiful mosques.

Description: Đàn thiên thu đứt dây tơ rồi, Theo sóng vàng cát lỡ sông bồi. Còn chi nữa, biển dâu đã bao đổi dời, Về phương Nam ngắm sông ngậm ngùi, Thương những đời ...

Description: Great melody, beautiful, melodic, instrumental. Suitable for use as background music in the video, screensaver or game. The basic style - instrumental. Divide into sections of funk, pop, blues, R & B, Classic, relaxation, fitness, jazz, aerobics, rock, ethno

Description: Mysterious east theme, imagine desert night, arabic ethnic, muslims ceremony, hard rock style, include drums, guitars and voice samples. The track may be suitable as for a slide show, video, computer game, or something else.

Description: Slide guitar and middle eastern chants with a southern back beat.

Description: A slow, dark and mysterious fantasy-style chant / song featuring gorgeous fantasy / made-up female vocals and ambient percussion and sound fx.