Description: Tribal ceremony preparing for the war

Description: The beautiful African continent, cheerful and festive. All children of the village sing and welcome with a smile. Sunny and carefree, simple and lively for documentaries, Films (The Lion King, The Jungle Book), TV travels to indent the positive side of Africa

Description: drums with marimba. flute as melodic instrument. african touch. D Minor

Description: Travel music, middle eastern feel, mandolin, duduk

Description: Motivational, positive mood song with dance/african percussions and romantic guitar

Description: A film-inspired ethnic voyage that evokes feelings of empowerment, conclusion and serenity.

Description: Japan, Japanese, meditation, koto, Gong, erhu, jooshin, shakuhachi, hotchiku, taiko, GAGAKU, YOKOBUE, Kokin-tyoshi, Chidorinokyoku, Chikubushima, Gaku-tyoshi, Hon-kumoi-tyoshi, Kumoinokyoku, Hira-tyoshi, Rokudan, Midare, dreamy, nature, meditative, hypnotic, romantic, sentimental, flutes, strings, pre 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century, slow tempo

Description: A two-beat jazz tune with a bit of bluegrass and celtic stylings featuring banjo, acoustic bass, ukulele, acoustic guitar and tin whistle.

Description: Short opening tune with african elements. Good for travel shows,animal documentaries