Description: Susato, Tielman (1500-1561) Belgian - Ronde - Por quoy Traditional folk song. Harp and flute

Description: Romantic and melancholy duo of classical guitar and flute. Evocative of deep emotions and lost love, rainy autumns and unfulfilled hopes. It is in 3/4 meter although it is not a waltz.

Description: Ethnic, Acoustic Film Score and Tv Score

Description: Famous medieval singing with harp and flute traditional English Christmas carol.

Description: Famous medieval singing with harp and flute traditional English Christmas carol.

Description: This loop is Authentic Arabic middle eastern typical music combined with modern elements. Played by sitar, bouzouki, Arabic violins and electronic instruments. Suitable for advertisements, middle east videos, market, history, north Africa videos, Arab modern projects, new about the middle east, promo videos and more.

Description: popular Irish reel. traditional ballad.With guitar accordion. Celtic music for music and popular dance traditions. Music from the world.

Description: Sentimental, dramatic track, mixed by arabic tunes. It’ll work great for any emotional scenes.

Description: Nice and mellow sound with ethnic instruments like ud, darbuka, kanun... Useful in any kind of joyful project. Oriental melody and easy to remember. Very Useful in any kind of project like presentations, openings, business marketing projects, commercial and corporate works...

Description: This is super Ethnic dream Background Music Pack with good mood and fairy-tale style. Melodious pop ethnic track with a lots of instruments – pan flute, old synths, strings, violins and guitar…This track beautiful for different presentations and can be used anywhere – in games and movies, news, telecasts, as a music background for websites, etc…pan flute, advertising, asian, bright, broadcast, eastern, emotional, ethnic, exciting, fairytale, flute, good mood, joyful, positive, sport, unusual, uplifting, video, website, relaxing, magic, music, intro, opening, logo, synthesiser, strings, bass guitar, anxious, peaceful, nature, mellow, melancholy, meditative, light, inspirational, hypnotic, reflective, relaxed, repetitive, romantic, sensual, serene, sexy, smooth, soft, soothing, sweet, tranquil, video game, deep forest