Description: An upbeat shiny and mysterious East Asian (India) ethnic track featuring female voice and percussion.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. This composition is in arabian ethnic style with hip-hop hints. Guitar-like sounds of ethnic instruments, bongas, loud claps, loud bass drum. This track carries us to arabian world, where we see its culture, ancient traditions. Vast deserts, hot sun, people in white clothes, , beautiful mosques.

Description: Dramatic, mystical and joyful Arabic pop music with drums, violins, flutes and piano.

Description: A light-hearted jaunty piece that picks up to a crescendo of rhythmic drumming.

Description: Crying Yaroslavna-ancient Slavic epic blogged about ancient Russian culture, war and the suffering of the Russian population. Yaroslavna is one of the main characters' stories about the squad's Igoreve "crying and refers to the three poems for help to find her husband Igor disappeared without a trace on the battlefield with the Tatar Mongols.... acoustic guitar, flute, Ukrainian folk instrument-Bandura, piano, dombra, bells and other instruments involved in the creation of his play

Description: "Tale of the Wind", the next part of the trilogy of plays "Yaroslavna crying. Strong and powerful Russian poem created in true Slavic music tells the mode wind as the main character, the fate of Prince Igor and the heavy burden of the Russian people living under occupation in the Tatar-Mongol take part in the composition of the national-Siberian throat singing, bells, percussion, shamanistic spells and of course acoustic guitar

Description: Slide guitar and middle eastern chants with a southern back beat.

Description: Oriental song that sets us in a Middle East town as we listen to the mystical harmonies of the sitar with percussive sounds of tablas and timpanis. - each version is different - extended and 60 second versions available


Description: Pro Hollywood massive war drums, full of drama , tension and atmospherics. Fast based action drums. High end production strongly recommended of scenes in high-paced action. Please check out all my other war drum tracks which are available.