Description: Pro Hollywood massive war drums, full of drama , tension and atmospherics. Fast based action drums. High end production strongly recommended of scenes in high-paced action. Please check out all my other war drum tracks which are available.

Description: International Ethnic Dramatic Adventure

Description: Un son africain, influence du Mali avec une masse de percussion.

Description: A whimsical tropical tune with ukulele and xylophone

Description: tibetian drums are playing for a prayer

Description: Asian surfing on a river, good for movie soundtrack nature.

Description: A quick paced French musette waltz filled with angst and passion with accordion, piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and clarinet. An improvised piano solo keeps the mood throughout.

Description: Minimal electronic dirge with Asian-inspired koto sounds, drunken melodies, and gritty synth chords.

Description: Ethnic beat with Darabuka Dunbek and Turkish Ney. Oriental original beat.

Description: Beautiful piece of guitar in the style of flamenco or Spanish guitar. Will be the perfect ringtone to Your phone.