Description: Relaxing solo harp piece. Soothing and slow harp melody makes calm and tranquil mood. Great for walking alone in night street scene, natural landscape, coldness after argument, daily life of the gentle old man, remembrance of longing childhood, discouraged adolescent, clergy praying in monastery. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Dramatic Solo Piano

Description: An instrumentals coming from the villages in Africa. Fathers working in the village, kids helping their mothers doing what need to be done. Dramatic and sad instrumental for videos.

Description: Corporate background with oriental flavor good for video, TV, commercials, shows

Description: Quirky rhythm with drifting serene feel.

Description: This is a enigmatic interweave between african and reggae sound. A slap bass, tablas and other percussion with xylophone makes a ipnotycal structure, while in the background any chord on sinthesizer conveys an enigmatic mood. Perfect for action or adventure film and for documentary about nature, Instrumental, African Music, African Contemporary

Description: This funny music can be used in many different context, for example it can describe a african or mediterranean landscape, with plains, hills, meadows, country roads or village. A characteristic weaving of acoustic guitar, bass, percussions and one flute. Ideal for documentary or light comedy, Instrumental, African Music, African World Fusion

Description: A lively percussion music track with oriental drums and violins – mystic, mysterious and magical.

Description: Traditional dance tune of Scandinavian countries.

Description: An upbeat shiny and mysterious East Asian (India) ethnic track featuring female voice and percussion.

Description: A mysterious and rhythmic track featuring East-Asian instruments and percussion.