Description: eastern european wail, forlorn, haunting, anguish, dissonant.

Description: a very ethnic sounding fast dance waltz with clarinet, guitar, accordion, tuba and piano.

Description: Old world folk melody with violin and mandolin

Description: A street scene in Milan will be perfect with this track featuring a mandoline and accordion. Or imagine a gondola floating down a canal in Venice. Violin and light percussion add drama from 0:35 to the end. Great for streaming in Italian restaurants, phone on-hold, or travel features.

Description: Lively, energetic & rousing traditional Russian folk dance. Steady tempo, full of Eastern Eurpoean flavour. A folk celebration dance. Gradually builds featuring tradtional instruments including accordion, balalaikas & violin with handclaps. Main mix, underscore & 30sec versions available

Description: We Never Stop is a powerful uptempo instrumental of triumph under adverse conditions.

Description: Sweet and pensive, comic romantic merry go round. Eastern European tradtional Gypsy style played by small orchestra. Main mix, String movement, Clarinet movement, 44sec, 15sec and 09 sec versions

Description: traditional macedonian odd meter tune performed by saxophone quartet.

Description: Traditional Polish/Ukrainian/Russian style Polka with authentic instrumentation.

Description: A short happy Eastern European accordian Waltz.Ideal for Underscore.Gypsy.

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