Description: Feel the passion of the beautiful gypsy women dancing around the open fire. Eastern European intensity featuring acoustic guitar, balalaika, bouzouki, accordion, violin and percussion.

Description: Hopeful, Grooving, Good for montages, Optimistic, Celebrity In Crowd club music

Description: A street scene in Milan will be perfect with this track featuring a mandoline and accordion. Or imagine a gondola floating down a canal in Venice. Violin and light percussion add drama from 0:35 to the end. Great for streaming in Italian restaurants, phone on-hold, or travel features.

Description: Traditional Polish/Ukrainian/Russian style Polka with authentic instrumentation.

Description: This song is an inspirational acoustic folk tune, influenced by the sounds of old world Eastern Europe. Featured instruments include accordion, upright bass, guitarron, and percussion. This version is a seamless loop for continuous play.

Description: An epic style in the concept of Chariots of fire, ideal to create an optimist environment.

Description: World music. Popular music from Romania.

Description: World music track with lots of percussion and pulse. Ethnic flute and santoor backed up by dark staccato strings. Good for tension and action elements or scenarios with a driving and powerful feel. Variants: 2 Min / 2 Min Loop / 60 sec / 52s Loop / 10s stinger / 5s stinger.