Description: The ambient and relaxing composition with ethnic elements. Featuring sitar, oud, tabla and relaxing synths pads. This background is perfect for corporate media, motivational videos and any project needing enthic modern soundtrack.

Description: World ethno groove soundtrack with modern elements. Great choice for travel projects, dance projects, documentaries and any ethno oriented presentation. Acoustic instruments: violin, kemance, oud, darbuka.

Description: Deep Thoughts is an instrumental electronic track with a relaxing mood. Music designed for a spa or meditation. Unique sound.

Description: A nice and easy-listening ethnic piece, based on exotic and evoking harmonic layers. Patterns are designed so that the track feels constantly growing up. Flutes and harps characterise this rhythmic and groovy atmosphere. Synths and pads contributes to maintain it contemporary and perfect for gaming, apps and video contents with a fantasy component.

Description: This seamless loop opens up towards fairy worlds and fantastic dimensions. The adventurous mood is characterised by groovy ethnic percussive elements and cheerful relaxing melodies that makes it perfect for gaming soundtracks. The choice of exotic instrumentation gives it an evocative taste that go beyond specific cultural connotations.

Description: close your eyes and dream discovery channel will love it and intelligent mix of authentic rythms crafted with care ambient ethnic, deep forest, world ambient,worldbeat,world beat,

Description: An african feel, but with a touch of electronic contemporary

Description: Magical and rhythmical, afro but contemporary, with the touch of electronic music.

Description: A solemn instrumental theme played with orchestral strings and percussion for the exotic scenes of Eastern cultures, ancient Non-Western civilizations, wild natural life in its grandeur and sublimity.

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