Description: Low ambient synth pad drones, lush pads, clean and powerful MPC style drum programming, bright percussion, fretless electric bass, a catchy lead piano melody, and rich orchestral strings. Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs thoughtful and relaxing world / pop music with a catchy lead hook.

Description: Acoustic guitar strums, turntable cuts, banging kicks, crisp hats and percussion, lush strings, a catchy pan flute melody, smooth electric bass guitar, congas, delay piano chord stabs, and a distorted electric guitar solo. Perfect for any TV show or film that needs lush hip-hop / film music with very catchy melodies.

Description: World percussion, Uplifting, cheerful, groovy World beat pop track, with instruments from lots of countries celebrating together with a happy, positive groove

Description: Acoustic guitar recording inside the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid, Giza Egypt.

Description: A driving middle eastern, Egyptian guitar piece, with a uptempo introduction that moves into a strong, uplifting and powerful melody that builds to a climax. Carried forward with a rhythm reminiscent of world ethnic theme that builds to a dramatic finale.

Description: Electronic folk music. Drum and bass arrangement.

Description: Driving ethnic track with choir, large percussion, and stringed instruments.

Description: Eastern sounds and instruments blended with contemporary groove and instruments.

Description: World Beat, Drama, Drama-Suspense, Dark, Atmospheric, Menacing, Simple, Repetitive, Dramatic, Eerie, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Percussion, Synth, Drone, with a Slow tempo

Description: World Beat, Mellow, Contemporary, Regional, Introspective, International, Wordly, in a Reflective mood, featuring Vocals, Female, Guitar, Electric, with a Slow tempo