Description: world music, ethnic, global, international, percussion, mallets, serious, soulful, rich, warm

Description: Easy And Happy Melody For Ear to Remember. Song have popular ethnic acoustic instruments

Description: is a traditional Christmas carol for the St. Steven day, the text of which was written in 1853 by the Reverend John Mason Neale British

Description: Melody in the style of ancient folk dances performed on a guitar and ocarina with a light natural background

Description: Celtic harp with small flute and voices of the forest. A spiritual magical atmosphere of fairy tales, gnomes, mystery.

Description: Christmas carol originally from England and dated around the sixteenth century. Harp and flute

Description: Leprechauns Dance Loop - Epic medieval melody about ancient celebrations, feasts and banquets. Celtic, irish style. Mood: energetic, adventure, arcade, fun, happy, jumping, dancing, inspiring, positive, pirates. Best for trailers, films, video or mobile games, action tavern scenes, celebrations.

Description: Joyful track with bagpipe as the main instrument, with three layers of female vocals, synthesizer, horns, and beat. Irish and Scottish influences, a real ode to St Patrick!

Description: Uplifting Commercial track with positive message of determination and strength. This track feature flute melody accompanied with Strings, Bass, Drums and Syth. Corporate Advertising Television, Radio and Internet, Self Help, Climatic Sports Scenes, Successful Business Ventures. Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. New Age Acoustic