Description: waltz with nylon guitar, accordion, string bass and acoustic guitars & mandolins. and a whistle. and a bodhran!.

Description: Irish style music with violin flute and rhythm drums

Description: med. tempo irish sound, original piece by rada.

Description: A classical acoustic guitar arrangement. Very evocative,somewhat sad but also mysterious and heroic. Big sound with just alittle reverberation to give it some spaciousness.

Description: Upbeat and confident acoustic folk tune played with acoustic guitar,drums,Celtic instruments,stomps and claps. Gradually develops and culminates with a fast melody in Irish or Cajun style.

Description: World music track perfect for any medieval tavern or castle, filled with acoustic string instruments, toms and flutes.

Description: Dark and sinister music from the dark ages, with violin and dark choir.

Description: Amazing violin solo! Very intense, rhythmic, virtuosic! all the instruments live! the track is very romantic, emotional and cheerful!