Description: Happy and cheerful celtic song with traditional instruments as accordion and flute

Description: Haunting female vocal sings high over harp and acoustic guitar with distant male voices, sweeping strings, suiting Celtic, Scottish and possibly Irish, one of a suite of six pieces Celtic instruments, choir, solo boy voice, harp, strings .scottish music.celtic orchestra,

Description: It has an Irish feel to it. It features Uilliann bagpipes and a Low Irish Whistle. I was thinking about my ancestors when I was writing it. I kept thinking about a young woman, probably from Waterford or Wexford. That’s also where the idea for the title came from. The Uilleann pipes have drones in octaves of “D,” so the key choices are pretty limited; this piece is in the key of “D.” I treated the drones like a pedal point; I guess that’s about the only thing you can do!

Description: Dignified, soft, proud and reflective cinematic piece. Emotional, soaring, and patriotic in a thoughtful, solemn way. Honor, dignity and reflection,scottish music,

Description: strong, determined, serene, sincere, keyboard, accordion, ethnic, bagpipe

Description: Medieval music with fiddle riff, ocarina and obscure choir with inspiration from the dark ages.

Description: Bouncy and happy in the style of Irish Celtic music depicting a scene of celebration.

Description: ballad with effects of nature underscore.

Description: Travel across the globe as you listen to this traditional Celtic Irish melody. It would be a great sound bed for either a documentary, history or travel video. Tourist or not, you will want to pack your bags as soon as you hear this wonderful Celtic piece.

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