Description: Far East instruments praise the ever boundless skies of silk road.

Description: an electronica chill track with asian instruments over electronic beats.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. It’s medium, tropical, oriental, adventure, ethnic, with voices of tribe in virgin tropical islands

Description: A pop track with chinese elements and a rich arrangement. Groovy and driving feel. A catchy song as a hanger in documentations, travel videos or maybe a movie...

Description: soul searching, tender, sensitive, cautious, longing, regretful, introspection.

Description: relentless driving percussion and chinese shouts.

Description: pop, jazz, bouncy, refreshing, cheerful, asian, orient.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with shakunachi, percussion. It’s fast, techno, world music, asian, travel. The mood of music is sun-seared asian deserts, indian markets

Description: A bustling activity goes on in this track. Like the chinese people manufacturing lot of things... This is a mix of asian elements and a pop song. A diverting piece for many things.

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