Description: relentless driving percussion and chinese shouts.

Description: pop, jazz, bouncy, refreshing, cheerful, asian, orient.

Description: hopeful chinese violin and strings.

Description: Uptempo race music with a mongolian flavour.

Description: ambient, technology, advertising, website, loop, calm, corporate, advertisement, ad, commercial, tv spot, spot, tv, health, natural, organic, meditation, meditate, drama, writing, calm, piano, fun, walk, japan, japanese, kawaii, temple, garden,

Description: Be immersed in the beautiful seas of the East as the music flows. Oriental Pearl of Asia evokes the Asian cultures and atmosphere with the presence of koto, guzheng and Shakuhachi flute. Available in 2 versions: Oriental Pearl of Asia (2:10) Oriental Pearl of Asia Loop (1:53)

Description: A peaceful but also Epic World Music instrumental with typical eastern sounds. It can fit perfectly with documentaries or footages about Asian countries. It can also fit very well with travel videos (Tibet, China, Thailand, Vietnam) and adventure videos as well. It has a sort of Buddha Bar feeling. Percussions, Vocals, Flute, Baglama, Zither, Bass.

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