Description: Playful and quizzical, Japanese koto and bamboo flute dance around an acoustic guitar

Description: Hypnotic world music track with atmospheric, ambient Asian sound.

Description: An ethnic chinese themed song featuring the beautiful Erhu, also knowed as "Violin of the south". With a great orchestral central part and a final piano ala Hihaishi.

Description: A take on traditional Asian folk music with modern dance beat! Upbeat & festive!

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Asian, Ethnic, Active, Alluring, Bold, Bouncy, Breathy, Bright, Brilliant, Capricious, Charming, Delicate, Determined, Dreamy, Driving, Enthusiastic, Ethereal, Expressive, Feel Good, Flowing, Fun, Gentle, Tender, Swirling, Spacey, Smooth, Relaxed, Pulsing, Pleasant, Peaceful, Mellow, Laid Back, Wordly, Intrigue, International, Groovy, Uplifting, Leisure, Light, Soft, Warm, Happy, in a Confident, Fun, Happy mood, featuring Percussion, Flute, Ethnic, Drums, Maracas, Shaker, Lute, Bass, with a Mid tempo

Description: Ethnic-Asian, Ethnic, Tribal, Panoramic, Percussive, Regional, Ethnic, Exotic, Wordly, International, in a Exciting, Fun, Happy, Playful, Positive, Energetic mood, featuring Synth, Percussion, with a Fast tempo

Description: A beautiful dramatic chinese melody with Souna, Xiao, Er-hu and Bawaou. Begins sad and slow, with a triumphant heroic finale. Taiko drums and a marching snare. Perfect as a movie trailer, opening credits, film score for romantic drama, epic family dynasty, military, mystery, or game menu music. eastern, epic, beautiful, sad, Elegant, Atmospheric, Majestic, Adventurous, Apprehensive, asian, background, ancient, cinematic, traditional, dramatic, chinese, War, Patriotic, Powerful, Victory, Warzone, Forceful, Triumphant, Heroic, Action, intense, Dangerous, Explosive, Driving, Marching, Booming, Building, military, patriotic, adventure, soundtrack, trailer, pounding, big, battle, tension, action, suspenseful, thrilling, exciting, middle age medieval medium tempo

Description: World, Asian, Ethnic, Dark, Dreamy, Underscore, Traditional, Yearning, Reflective, Ethereal, Hypnotic, Moody, Mystery, Japanese, Chinese, Far East, Eclectic

Description: A upbeat, poppy piece of music utilizing some Chinese instrumentation.

Description: Background music using Chinese instrumentation in a pop-like setting.