Description: A very fast paced piece with Japanese instrumentation and rock influence. Great for fights or chases.

Description: A meditative array of oriental instruments including Chinese violin, oriental flute, guitar and oriental percussion. A suitable relaxation track for meditation or martial arts tuition featuring many relaxing Chinese elements and peaceful washes.

Description: A take on a traditional Asian folk song. Very dramatic & ceremonial!

Description: A pop track with chinese elements and a rich arrangement. Groovy and driving feel. A catchy song as a hanger in documentations, travel videos or maybe a movie...

Description: This track brings China to your production. Traditional Chinese instruments and modern sounds are featured in this track. Suitable for games, movies, TV and any other project related to China and Asia. Bright and light composition.

Description: Flavours of the Far East, ancient and modern China, majestic and proud. Features traditional chinese instruments, Shakuhachi, Chinese Violin and Big Gong. Main mix and lighter bed

Description: sounds of asia lots of percussion and drums.

Description: Asian composition with eastern modal design.

Description: Easy Listening, Ethnic, Ethnic-Asian, World Beat, Cheery, Positive, Smooth, Ethnic, in a Fun mood, featuring Koto, Banjo, Drums, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: soul searching, tender, sensitive, cautious, longing, regretful, introspection.