Description: Orchestral Chinese topic with traditional instru, voices, percu..

Description: Oriental Gong And Tambura create stereotypical karate style music to imply dramatic build up to a dangerous or hard fought rivalry, which features wailing oriental-tuned flute like instrument. Track could also suggest a fight scene, Chinese town or 1970’s retro Chinese film.

Description: a modernized epic sounding oriental piece.

Description: Oriental instruments including Chinese bamboo flute and gentle piano chords create a delicate, pleasant scene very useful for travel or documentary.

Description: Imagine a modern market in india with all kinds of warez out for sale , lots of people , hustle and bustle

Description: Contemporary Electropop underscore. Mid-tempo modern electronic dance, with a strong beat, glitches and an automated robotic feel. Also has modern electronic oriental influences. Perfect for documentary or radio and TV adverts for electronics, hi-tech, youth culture and modern Japanese culture. Main, 60sec, 30sec and underscores

Description: Sakura is a traditional Japanese folk song depicting spring, the season of cherry blossoms arranged in a gentle and reflective tone featuring a plucked guzheng sound that carries the listener through a lush soundscape. Useable for Asian themed projects or for decompressing, leisure, rest, warmth, Instrumental, Japanese, Enka

Description: Meditative and Reflective music with Indian, Southern Asian and Middle Eastern influences. Light percussions and sitar are featured instruments with various flowing counter melodies added to complete the musical ensemble. Spa and Relaxation, Documentaries, Psychological Thriller, Dramatic, Instrumental, Indian, Indian Light

Description: Traditional music Southeast Asia with instruments such as harp, flute, violins, and percussion. There are vocals too, introduced in the middle of the song, to create that Asian atmosphere. Peaceful, beautiful and warm, the music takes us through a musical landscape of beaches, tropical forests, monasteries, temples and mountains.

Description: Beautiful and melancholic Hulusi (asian instrument) over melodic pads and chords. Asian inspired music, great for background in documentaries, travel shows etc.