Description: contemporary instrumental featuring lead instruments from japan and area.

Description: Orchestral Chinese topic with traditional instru, voices, percu..

Description: Vibrant, optimistic and contemporary Far Eastern corporate underscore, with a flavour of traditional Japan. Features tradtional instruments alongside a modern western beat. Great for business, money markets & travelogue. Main mix, lite mix, 60, 30 versions.

Description: South East Asian Flute, Erhu, Gamelan, and percussion in a flavorful but dark, geographical, mood soundtrack, similar to Thailand Hunter but more.

Description: ambient flute and gongs with dramatic percussion

Description: Flavours of the Far East, ancient and modern China, majestic and proud. Features traditional chinese instruments, Shakuhachi, Chinese Violin and Big Gong. Main mix and lighter bed

Description: Spiritual upbeat South East Asian influenced song

Description: a modernized epic sounding oriental piece.

Description: South East Asian Gamelans and Erhu Violin are featured in this geographical mood piece with a build up to the end.

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