Description: Vibrant, optimistic and contemporary Far Eastern corporate underscore, with a flavour of traditional Japan. Features traditional instruments alongside a modern western beat. Great for business, money markets & travelogue. Main mix, lite mix, 60, 30 versions.

Description: World - Dance, Electronic, Asian, Fun, Travel, Adventure, Japanese, Korean, Chinese

Description: (Japan) Introspect, somber koto melody, Okawa drums, Hyoshigi blocks

Description: Ethnic, Travel, Asia, exotic

Description: (Asia) Tender, child like, koto, folk flute, warm, inviting

Description: (Asia) New Age influence, rich, expansive, evolving

Description: A traditional and festive instrumental Chinese cue

Description: Asian ambient atmospheric fantasy film games mysterious new age drones world

Description: -world music, ethnic, global, international, percussion, mallets, serious, soulful, rich, warm

Description: chinese drunken duck lost in Beijing

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