Description: a typical gnawa rythm from marrakesh.

Description: a morrocan groove that is build up from so many combinations and takes a long night to finish.

Description: lively, modern african rhythm with electric/acoustic elements.

Description: african percussion and fretless bass.

Description: african guitar riffs over a hiphop groove.

Description: a funky beat with south african vocals.

Description: An African safari track with kalimba, flute, and French horn.

Description: film music, suspense, african ambience, sunset, atmosphere.

Description: African style guitar with African style drums & synths.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Africa, Active, Action, Adventure, Nature, Regional, Ethnic, Exotic, Driving, Traveling, Tribal, Hi Energy, International, Breathy, Carefree, Peaceful, Percussive, Repetitive, in a Adventurous, Mysterious, Confident, Fun, Exciting, Energetic mood, featuring Percussion, Drums, Conga, Bongos, Synth, Guitar, Acoustic, with a Mid, Fast tempo