Description: all you need intro loops ends stings theme fx for a travel documentary positive energetic underscore for discovery

Description: Afrobeat song with a touch of funk from my album Movin' Pata

Description: A very catch African influenced dance track with great vocals, perfect for an exotic locale, travel, nature or party scene.

Description: Song in Mina from my album Movin' Pata

Description: Traditional melody, instrumentation, cheeky, brash, strident, Documentaries, African rural life, Comedies, Adverts, Landscapes, African, atmosphere.

Description: Traditional, Penny Whistle, Rhythmic, Melodic, Uplifting, TV Theme, Movie, Corporate, Documentary, Landscape, African, soundscapes.

Description: Dramtic African tribal beat with congas.

Description: Tribal song with African national musical instruments in modern vision.

Description: You will feel like you are on an African safari across the Serengeti. A variety of world instruments, flute melodies and an epic orchestral climax. Great for outdoor adventure programs, hunting shows, animal shows, documentaries, commercial advertisements, travel programs, Kwanza events and tourism promos.

Description: African pop track with lots of original instruments combined with modern sounds. Full arrangement with short vocal accents.