Description: a lively, rural african sound on this track. a few african chants and electric piano add flavor here too.

Description: A kind of african tribal beat with improvisation elements.

Description: tbal and krakeb(castanets) are a very mature gnawi instruments that give you a real nature sound of shara.

Description: happy african rhythms, great background for a film or documentary.

Description: Mysterious atmospheres and desertic moods melt with a majestic strings theme. Magic Vocals on top, Female Vocal, African Music, African Contemporary

Description: melancholic pop theme with ethnic instrumentation.

Description: A sweet and gentle world fusion track with influences from African percussion and kalimba alongside Asian violin and wooden flute. A flowing and elegant song both relaxed and intense useful for media projects, background atmospheres, in TV, film, radio, adverts, in store and corporate communications, Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion

Description: A positive traditional African theme with tribal percussion, orchestral background music and a guitar solo. Very bright and positive, this theme is cinematic by nature and help breathe life to your project.

Description: Positive african track featuring traditional instruments, such as Balafon, Flute, Bolon with drums and percussion.