Description: This is a very positive track featuring acoustic guitars, banjo, bass, melodika, vibrophone and percussion. Easy playing and positive emotions.

Description: Nice short and positive Wedding Background Logo Intro. Calm music with holiday mood, fairy-tale style, with bells, soft pad and electronic chill enigma drums…This thoughtful track can be used anywhere – in games and movies, flash presentations, news, telecasts, as a romantic calm intro musical background for websites or wedding love photo slideshows or video, etc…background, bells, calm, intro, love, christmas, christmas music, dreamy, enigma, easy, wedding intro, happy, holidays, fairy, light, logo, loop, magic, magical, mellow, music, romantic, opener, opening, peaceful, positive, relaxed, relaxing, short, slideshow, smooth, soft, video game, website, wedding, xmas, sweet, reflective, inspirational, hopeful, wedding background, slow

Description: A fun, happy, upbeat arrangement of a popular group folk hora dance featuring violin, clarinet, trombone, double bass, piano and drum set. This lively song is perfect for wedding scenes, it celebrates the couple, jewish oriented programming, underscoring video, tv or film, product ads, radio play

Description: Wedding Ceremonial Hymn Classical cinematic piece for ambient piano in ceremonial, solemn mood. Pictures of groom and bride exchange wedding rings, newly married couple walk together holding hands, confetti in the air, tender moments, beautiful brunette bride and handsome groom dancing first dance in slow motion, wedding in a chapel, young couple kissing during their wedding ceremony, wedding ceremony on sandy beach, decorated chairs for wedding ceremony, groom puts a wedding ring on finger of a bride, bride puts a ring on finger of a groom, flying rose petals, celebration toast with champagne at the sea, rows of chairs at a wedding ceremony, friends congratulate the just married, guests sprinkled on the bride and groom rose petals, wedding rings rotating, the groom is going to the wedding ceremony, people throw rice and flowers during wedding ceremony, firework, public, groom wears ring on the bride's finger. Instruments of Wedding Ceremonial Hymn - Ambient Hymn Piano Good for Wedding Ceremonial Soundtrack, wedding videos, ambient slow motions, family home wedding videos etc.

Description: Instrumental loop A minor, 100 bpm 4/4 and 3/4

Description: Wedding orchestral music track of your beautiful and inspirational media projects.

Description: An inspiring and peaceful solo piano track. Perfect choice for romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more.

Description: Only Yours is a beautiful and romantic piano sheet music with a warm string-woodwind accompaniment and a french horn in the ending. It is useful for film, documentaries, wedding videos and much more.

Description: Behind The Wall is a beautiful and melancholy piano sheet music accompanied by warm string textures. It is useful for film, documentaries, wedding videos and much more.

Description: New Beginning is a romantic and pensive piano sheet music with a warm strings accompaniment. It is useful for film, documentaries, wedding videos and much more.