Description: Warm, joyful, positive, acoustic, inspirational, melodic instrumental track inspired to country-rock, folk and new age. A nature inspired composition featuring acoustic strumming guitars, arpeggios and organ. Perfect for documetaries, nature scenes, adventures, feelings, sports.

Description: Playful Shuffle Rock with Synth Saxophone lead

Description: Beautiful inspiring and sentimental piano with cinematic strings perfect for Wedding, Slideshow, Love Story, Time-lapse, Photos Slides, Presentations and more..

Description: Giddy Old Goat is a lighthearted track that features wacky woodwinds, daft drums and an amusing accordion. With catchy instrumentation from the start, Giddy Old Goat explodes into a whimsical parade of lively upbeat silliness. Ideal for a funny montage, children, video games and more.

Description: Silly playful tune that can be used as Music Loop

Description: a hybrid infusion of dance and fiesta music blended togather

Description: Bouncy happy quirky rag played by vibraphone.Good happy add background.

Description: Electronic and with a South American mood, playful melody, spatial and mysterious. Good for movies travel, adventure, etc.