Description: Stonkin' big, upfront, foot tapping, uptempo entertainment theme. Big brass section plus a strong beat. Ideal for TV chat shows, live shows, theatre shows. Main mix, opening titles, closing titles, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: A slow building, atmospheric hip hop track with filtered pads and bright synth bells. Eventually building to a climax, the track ends with a feel-good electric guitar solo. The perfect backing music to an informational video or a corporate slideshow.

Description: smooth, warm, elegant instrumental features piano, strings and choir. a fantastic backdrop for your video, film, commercial, sales presentation or corporate image.

Description: just piano, dissonant to resolved harmony.

Description: Warm sunny summer day and you go outside to fly a kite. Good weather, vacations and friends beside. The track evokes many good feelings and memories. This tune features piano, drums and synths.

Description: anger, agression, determiend, cautious,

Description: urgent, energy, powerful, whimsical,