Description: Instrumental Waltz with feel of Country

Description: Acoustic music with cavaquinho guitar, acoustic guitar, transverse flute and percussion. Let the music take you on a journey through the jungles and rivers of the Amazon, where colours and sounds merge into one.

Description: Fast, bright, and thematic chase music type track both adventurous and highly evocative. Driven by a steady pumping bass line and aggressive techno drum beats and strongly melodic electronic instruments. Works well for film, video, scenes, be it, the hunt, the escape, or sports highlights and ads.

Description: A sweet and touching song. Combines guitars with piano for a pleasant atmosphere that is perfect for ads, advertising, pictures or videos.

Description: Bouncy and bright featuring solo acoustic guitar creating a happy and carefree mood.

Description: The Christmas Express is hurtling at full speed! Hurry up to catch it! I recommend to listen the whole track because there's a little surprise in the middle of it )))

Description: Synth-Sax composition with feel of mystery and magic, that can used as music loop

Description: Comedy country song about a man down on his luck due to drinking.

Description: Upbeat, eclectic and bouncy featuring a mixture of Dixieland and Bluegrass elements creating a happy and playful mood.