Description: Playful Instrumental Country Rock

Description: The track evokes the feeling of anxiety. You feel that something enevitable is going to happen. Though the mood of the tune is positive. You hear some distant thundering and, like the rain is getting heavier, the beat is becoming faster and faster but calming down to the end. The composition is great for a showreel, presentation of a creative project, timelapse video and more. The track is created with synths, piano, drums and bass.

Description: Is a traditional song probably from a Scottish ballad of the eighteenth century by an anonymous author. Very famous for being sung by Simon & Garfunkel.

Description: Is a famous and ancient Irish ballad. The words were written by Cathal Garvey (1866-1927).

Description: Comedy country song about a man down on his luck due to drinking.

Description: The instrumental track with using of indian drums and percussion. The mood of anxiety is replaced with happy feelings.

Description: Acoustic guitar composition with Indian drums and percussion. Autumn mood.

Description: Composition instrumental with the use of pianos, guitars, drums and percussion. The mood is calm, meditative.

Description: Acoustic music with cavaquinho guitar, acoustic guitar, transverse flute and percussion. Let the music take you on a journey through the jungles and rivers of the Amazon, where colours and sounds merge into one.