Description: The instrumental track with using of indian drums and percussion. The mood of anxiety is replaced with happy feelings.

Description: Acoustic guitar composition with Indian drums and percussion. Autumn mood.

Description: Composition instrumental with the use of pianos, guitars, drums and percussion. The mood is calm, meditative.

Description: A calm and melancholic ballad featuring guitar arpeggios

Description: A song inspired by traveling along a traffic-free road and around a large space.

Description: Acoustic music with cavaquinho guitar, acoustic guitar, transverse flute and percussion. Let the music take you on a journey through the jungles and rivers of the Amazon, where colours and sounds merge into one.

Description: Slightly dramatic and emotional music track featuring drums, bass, piano, synths and FX. Can be used as a background in videos about science, technology, innovations.

Description: The Christmas Express is hurtling at full speed! Hurry up to catch it! I recommend to listen the whole track because there's a little surprise in the middle of it )))

Description: A relaxing ballad, acoustic guitar, percussion and double bass accompany an airy melody and positive, slightly melancholic.

Description: A ballad inspired by the journey, guitar arpeggios, percussion and bass , positive climate