Description: Warm, joyful, positive, acoustic, inspirational, melodic instrumental track inspired to country-rock, folk and new age. A nature inspired composition featuring acoustic strumming guitars, arpeggios and organ. Perfect for documetaries, nature scenes, adventures, feelings, sports.

Description: positive music and evocative, good for travel and adventure movies

Description: positive music, dance, electronic 80s and new wave, good for adventure, travel, motors, industrial products etc.

Description: music with a playful melody and with a groove Ska bouncy, positive and somewhat evocative, good for adventure, television themes, travel, sports etc.

Description: light, melodic, cheerful, rhythmic and modern. Great for movies about travel, adventure and peoples.

Description: tense music, modern, dissonant melody, great for adventure movies, suspense, travel, motors, industry.

Description: Electronic and tribal, with a catchy melody and a little mysterious. Good for movies travel, adventure, industry, suspense, cars, etc.

Description: Electronic and tribal, a little techno, playful and spatial melody, a bit mysterious. Good for movies travel, adventure, etc.

Description: Electronic and with a South American mood, playful melody, spatial and mysterious. Good for movies travel, adventure, etc.

Description: Song a little jazz, a little swing, a little ambient, fun, positive and light.