Description: Here is a bright and bouncy modern rendition of the classic well know and loved 90 year old melody that's sometimes called the unofficial state song of California. The guitar lead with electric piano, solid funky bass and R&B drumming gives the song a new life.

Description: A quirky and quizzical fun track with a light heart and a funky undertone. Features an alluring bass line doubled with clavichord, lithe percussion, and a good vibes melody. After a short synth middle section the main theme returns. Useful ditty for commercial media projects with a jovial bent.

Description: Fast, bright, and thematic chase music type track both adventurous and highly evocative. Driven by a steady pumping bass line and aggressive techno drum beats and strongly melodic electronic instruments. Works well for film, video, scenes, be it, the hunt, the escape, or sports highlights and ads.