Description: nspiring Tech corporate track with motivational and inspiring mood with strings cinematic fast energetic emotions. Fast moving instruments and drums section are making the tempo of fast changing life. Pictures of aviation radar GPS navigation screen display & number, MATRIX BACKGROUND, people use a virtual reality glasses, man with innovative robotic VR cybernetic system walking like a robot. Hi-tech game industry and motion tracking in cyberspace, a young man uses VR-headset display and headphones for virtual reality game, festivals about technology, art and science. Instruments of Inspiring Tech - fast technology idm drums beats - simple Hi Tech Synths - modern strings Good for Technology Future projects

Description: Uplifting chords to go along with hard drums make for this to be an upbeat inspirational backdrop.

Description: A very cinematic, instrument filled trap beat. Haunting synths and hard drums make this the perfect music for a scene or intro.

Description: A hard hip-hop beat with a trap flute influence.

Description: Bells and a hypnotic synth support hard drums in this instrumental

Description: An aggressive instrumental dominated by trap influences. An arpeggio takes the lead while a pad adds support to booming drums.

Description: Soulful Keys and a vocal sample create a reflective and somber mood over hard drums

Description: Hard drums blanketed by an infectious synth line and a bridge.

Description: Strings, pads and 808's all blended into an upbeat and bright moving track.

Description: A hypnotic aggressive trap beat with hard drums. Perfect for credit music or for transitions

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