Description: Mellow and sparse groove with a little bit of funkiness that drives at a moderate pace and gathers a few more instruments at the end. Featuring acoustic and electric guitar, jazzy piano, bongos, drums, a repetitive bass line and a blues organ, this song feels like walking down a street in a good mood in an urban setting. Perfect for corporate or personal presentations, television, web casts, radio or other advertising.

Description: Cinematic hip-hop instrumental with a dark and gritty underground vibe. Lone warrior type music. Think Japanese animated films for adults or documentary on urban hip-hop celebrities or depiction of inner-city life. Background music for eerie docu-drama. Also similar to rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

Description: gritty cello and sparkling lead

Description: An instrumental cityscape travelogue.

Description: Urban, Urban-Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Funky, Urban, Laid Back, Groovy, Feel Good, Struttin, in a Happy, Positive mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Bass, Record Scratch, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Urban, Drama, Drama-Action, Action, Groovy, Dramatic, Determined, in a Energetic, Confident mood, featuring Strings, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Electric, Electronic, with a Mid tempo

Description: Urban, Sassy, Groovy, Laid Back, Funky, Confident, Urban, Struttin, in a Fun, Confident mood, featuring Synth, Piano, Guitar, Electric, Drums, with a Slow tempo

Description: Moody, stark, atmospheric and evocative pieces built around hip hop and urban beats.