Description: Hip, Pop Urban Rock Drums Medium.

Description: Happy Background Hip Hop Loop 70 bpm for your creative projects. Thank you for your purchase.

Description: Glitch background beat is perfect for modern advertisements, technological presentations and inspirational videos.

Description: driving funky rythm using electronic kit and synths.

Description: Unusual rap/hip-hop, Hard Strange Urban Rock Drums Bass Up-tempo.

Description: A light background track for different venues of advertisement... such as car shows, walk through shots, etc...

Description: Mellow and sparse groove with a little bit of funkiness that drives at a moderate pace and gathers a few more instruments at the end. Featuring acoustic and electric guitar, jazzy piano, bongos, drums, a repetitive bass line and a blues organ, this song feels like walking down a street in a good mood in an urban setting. Perfect for corporate or personal presentations, television, web casts, radio or other advertising.