Description: Upbeat, Hip Hop, Rap, Rapper, Gangsta, Dark, Boogie, Get Down, Hard Core, Rapper, New School, Funky, Urban, DJ, Strip Club, East Coast, West Coast Beat, Guns, Retaliation, Revenge, War, Battle Rap, Fight, Violence, Drive By, Bloods, Crips, Gang Bang, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Piano, Deep Bass, Synths, Heavy Drums, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Spacey, ethereal and groovy synth-based experimental dance track. Filmic and with great forward momentum. Would suit dramatic or documentary project.

Description: Beautiful guitar progression, and nice drums

Description: ambient pads with an urban drum feel.

Description: uptempo uplifting rnb dance track suitable for sports, film,tv commercial,presentation and or recording artist.

Description: Sexy hip hop R&B Club track that starts slow, with a heavy beat and a huge synthy, epic chorus.

Description: Sneaky urban instrumental street beat. Includes synths, sub bass, percussion, pizzicato, vox effects, and what sounds like an ethnic Japanese type of sound

Description: Urban hip hop instrumental with an underground street flavor. Track features synths, echo harmonies, deep bass, bumping kicks and urban percussion.

Description: Sentimental hip hop instrumental which takes you on an emotional journey. Track features synth, sub bass, and interesting effects.

Description: Alien outer space beat which features synth, effects, and many interesting layers and sounds.