Description: Guitar, Street, Steady, Funk, Groove, Light Jazz, Hip Hop, Chill, Trance, Urban, Slow

Description: EDM, Vocals, Pop, Techno, House, Electronica, Fashion, Runway, Rap, Youth, Exercise, Driving

Description: Dance, EDM, Techno, Disco, Action Dubstep, Build, High Energy, Exciting, Upbeat, Excercise

Description: Dramatic, Club, Pulse, Rave, Traveling Music, Runway, Exciting Suspense, Upbeat, Excercise, Techno, High Energy, Electro House

Description: Dramaedy, Specialty, Novelty, Light Activity, Tension, Off beat, Hip Hop, Quirky, Sneaky

Description: Street, dark, undercover, covert, black ops, intrigue

Description: Street, dark, undercover, covert, black ops, intrigue

Description: Electronic music, main theme made of SOS Morse code signal. Great for game show or anything that describes help needed situations. Available versions: Full track, 1min. and 30sec. edit.

Description: Nostalgic hip-hop instrumental with chill beats, piano melodies and sparse vocal. Good for background use in podcast, tv drama, radio personality, intermission, underscore for media addressing social issues and more. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Urban funk at a medium tempo with a somewhat 70's / 80's feel. Small combo creates the groove with a heavy funky bass, wah guitar, strings and keyboards. Would be best used for, Television Crime Investigation, Cop Drama, Forensics Theme Music,Vocal:Instrumental;Tempo:Med Slow