Description: Psychedelic trance film score with subtle fx and beats. Best choice for soundtracks with a contemplative theme delvering a touc of mystery and emotion

Description: Techno mob swing, fast paced and suspense feel. Cinematic and dark intense music

Description: Heavy beat urban club trance.Wall pounding beats and synths.For those who party hard

Description: Breakbeat techno track with vocoder sounds and charismatic electronica bass, FX and beats. Great addition to club themed projects

Description: Progressive trance with heavy stabs and synth stacks. Jumpy club beats with core mystery and suspense elements.

Description: Cheerful spanish guitars, with a dash of romance. Ideal summer tune, warm and tropical.

Description: Dark metal dubstep music suitable for horror and suspense thriller themed projects. Beats with a power packed punch accompanied by heavy modular synth work and slick sound slices.

Description: Heavy beat psychedlic club trance.Wall pounding beats and synths.For those who party hard. Hints of romance, rush and a flair for fun. Vocal ethnopads and percussive beats set up the mood.

Description: Upbeat pop with enticing space guitar and country soul music intertones. Raunchy and brimming with energy. Built for peppy commercials

Description: Sensual and energetic dubstep mix with female vocals